About Us

Carefully Curated for You!

At Kraftverse, we believe that our living spaces should feel like our own, inspiring us to flourish through each day of our lives. We all want to add that ideal aesthetic touch to our homes that would make them standout and be a true reflection of our tastes.

Kraftverse was created for this one reason – to be a one-stop shop for urban dwellers looking for unique, artisanal quality homewares that can help add that special touch to spaces and suit every style, without breaking the bank!

Creating a cohesive style that goes well with your space and
makes it a true comfort zone, letting you enjoy every moment spent in there, requires a lot of time. Kraftverse aims to make
this process easier for you! We bring together a collection of quality homewares by brands and artisans that are currently making waves in the local and international homewares market with their design philosophy and commitment to craft – all on one platform!

Values that define our DNA

Every product on Kraftverse comes from carefully selected brands that share the same values as us and tells an inspiring story through design. We help you create an aesthetically pleasing space that is as unique as
you are!

For the love of Handmade

In this mechanized world, hand crafted items by skilled artisans using natural materials are hard to come by and do not always get the appreciation they deserve. At Kraftverse, we deeply value the artisanal touch which makes every individual piece unique. We therefore bring you a collection of brands that also work with artisans the world over to add their unique touch to each design – sure to astound you with their precision and high-quality finishing!

Promoting local talent and businesses

Watch this space! We are on a mission to bring together some of your favorite, UAE based, homegrown, artisanal brands, on Kraftverse - so you can shop all of their products on one platform!

Interiors that add value to our wellbeing

The pandemic made us go through a complete shift in our daily lives and had a significant impact on how we see and use our living spaces. The idea for Kraftverse was also born at the same time, as a platform where we present an ever-growing collection of products for all types of spaces, that can make it easier for you to add comfort and personal style to your surroundings for a
relaxed living.


Adopting sustainable practices are key to our future; that's
why we consider the impact our partner brands have on the environment and communities they operate in when forming relationships. We support fair trade and work with partners that we feel share our values, including fair compensation for their artisans. We also strive hard to provide you with the best prices for products on our website as we certainly do not believe in overcharging!


So, whether you are shopping for your own home or workspace, buying a gift or just browsing, we welcome you to Kraftverse!

It’s time to shop!

About the Founder

Sabeka Arshad - Founder

 As a qualified chartered accountant, Sabeka has worked in finance and tax consulting for her entire professional career – until she decided to pursue the entrepreneurial streak in her and wanted to invest in and have a business of her own. Interiors have always been a secret passion of hers and countless hours have been spent just browsing home stores during trips to the mall. However, she felt that there was still a gap in the market in terms of finding her favourite brands and artisanal products that use natural materials, look trendy and come at a fair price. That is when she decided to launch Kraftverse, as a curator platform that is on a mission to find and bring together uniquely styled homewares by selected local and international brands and designers – all in one place for customers to enjoy and shop!