Hokusai's Wave Mug

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Editor's Note
One for the Art lovers and collectors! This artistic mug features Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" beautifully painted on it by Japanese artisans. Throughout his life, Hokusai painted waves as the main subject of his paintings along with Mount Fuji. Hokusai's expression of the ever-changing movement of water captures the hearts of those who see it, even in modern times.

Each mug is handcrafted and hand painted by a Japanese artisan and their brilliant, precise brush painting technique is clearly visible in this mug. Pour your favorite tea, coffee, juice into the cup and turn your usual break into a wonderful inspiring experience.

Top Tip: Highly recommended as a gift for someone who loves Japanese art and culture.



Diameter 8.2cm; Height 8.5cm
Capacity 250ml



Care Instructions

Microwave Safe. Dishwasher Safe. Do NOT clean with harsh detergents.